About Vet Trek and Dr. Nestrick

Each morning Valerie Nestrick, D.V.M., puts the key in the ignition and revs the engine of her mobile veterinary clinic … Vet Trek. Not just a vet with wheels, Dr. Nestrick’s 24-foot mobile animal clinic allows her to perform many procedures in the comfort and vicinity of the pet’s home environment. This includes routine examinations, vaccinations, dentistries and minor surgeries. Dr. Nestrick knew it was important to provide full hospital services, so the Vet Trek unit is outfitted as a complete surgical facility with anesthesia, antiseptic conditions, a recovery area and a laboratory. These capabilities also allow her to perform dentistry procedures such as cleaning, scaling and extractions. In the case of an aged or infirmed pet when the difficult decision of euthanasia is sometimes reached, the home environment becomes all the more important … for both the animal and the owners.


Since access to past medical history can be an essential ingredient to diagnosis, all records are immediately available from a portable computer stationed in the Vet Trek unit. Vet Trek is a compact, but fully equipped veterinary office, clinic and hospital that comes to you and your pet. And because Dr. Nestrick’s practice is self contained, she is able to provide her services and the Vet Trek facility at competitive rates.


Dr. Nestrick’s love and appreciation of animals makes her sensitive to their needs, particularly when they are hurt or frightened. Just as taking a child to the doctor can be a traumatic experience, bringing the family pet to the veterinarian usually fills the animal with anxiety even before any procedure is begun. Vet Trek takes the stress out of the Vet! Dr. Nestrick knows first hand that seeing animals in their homes is much less stressful. She notes, ‘Most animals enter the clinic willingly without a clue that they’re in a medical facility." This comfortable environment makes her job of diagnosing and treating a multitude of conditions that much easier.


Dr. Nestrick graduated the University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1983. After a two-year stint in a dairy practice in Willows, California, she returned to the "South Bay" area of Los Angeles, CA. and has practiced here since then. With Vet Trek most of her patients are dogs and cats.